Monday, 22 July 2013

Something Wicked this way comes!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm looking at creating a bit of an 'Old School' vibe Chaos Warband. I'm not sure yet how many models this will end up being or the exact make up of the warband.

However I am sure that it will be inspired by this piece of classic artwork.

I'm especially drawn the to rusting metals on the warriors/renegades in the bottom left. There's an excellent tutorial for painting rusty metal on the Tale of Painters Blog which I will be attempting to combine with my own painting style. I'm hoping to be able to capture the feel of the artwork without being a slave to copying the images directly.

I'm already getting a list together for the parts i'll need for my first conversion, a Demonworld renegade in the midst of transformation into some new form of monstrosity. I'll be using the plastic Savage orc model as a base along with several parts from the Forsaken kit and hopefully some orky bits aswell.

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