Thursday, 19 September 2013


Well my dwarfs have arrived from Anvil Industry after only being ordered on tuesday! That's two days, great service. I even got a little note about the out of stock warriors being on the todo list at some point. This I can understand as theres loads of new stuff coming soon including their own games system. Slight downside was a missing champion arm but they did throw in some extra command bits which I'l have a bash at converting.

Also you may have noticed my new logo. I had a bit of fun in photoshop using some cool tutorials I found online. Im quite happy with it :)

Im hoping to get back to some 'proper' hobby stuff this weekend and try to paint up some of the stuff thats built up recently.

Also I could resist ordering some secret weapon ruined temple bases Available from Wayland Games here

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

I'm not dead, just sleeping.

Its been very hectic here, what with having to find a new job (boo!) As such its been very hard to get inspired to work on my pile of bits for my inq28 conversions.

Hence I've decided to pick up some figures I've been after for a while but never got round to pick up for one reason or another.

These are the fallen dwarfs by Miniatures of the North, fantastic looking figures which i really want to paint up an army of.

Ive ordered enough crossbowmen for a unit of 15 with comand. Unfortunally the warriors were out of stock so they will have to be my next purchase.

You can find more info on the sculptor here on his blog and id highly recomend checking it out.