Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Mutant Leader - Green Stuffing

Got some more work done on the majority of the green stuffing last night. I've started to add the desired texture to the mutants skin whilst bulking out the areas where I had to shave away the original arms.

Theres still a ton of small details to add yet to add more character to the figure. I've got loads of small chaos icons on chains from the Marauder horseman sprue along with some pouches and other junk. I was also considering the back banner from the WFB Empire Flagallent warband boxset for the Mutant although I'l probably save a banner for one of his minions as the models tall enough as it is.

I'm hoping to be able to get some painting started by the weekend although I may distract myself with some cultist figures to ensure I've got my colour scheme right first. Also I need to do some tests to see what basing will suit the figures best.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Mutant Leader - First Sightings

A very quick update with a terrible photo of the wip on my mutant warband's leader.

Still a huge ammount of green stuffing to do on the gaps between the limbs and body. I intend to sculpt the mutants skin to have a texture more like the arms with sores and scars.

I'm not a 100% sure on the helmeted head at the moment but don't really have an alternative that feels right either.

Heres the photo.(I've smoothed some gaps in photoshop)

Hopefully things will look better in the next post.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Back from Nottingham - Warband Progress

Having spent the weekend in Nottingham for my brother's Stag do I felt it would be rude not to pop in the Nottingham Town Centre GW.

Some nice figures on display including a cool Howling Griffons force, although the gaming tables were very plain, i really miss having cool scratch built scenery in stores. I managed to pick up a box of the chaos cultists to be spread across a couple of the warbands and the Chaos Aspiring Champion Plastic figure for my future Iron Warriors Warband.

My parts have now turned up for my mutant warband leader from the Bitz store on Ebay, so there will be some more posts coming this week regarding my progress, in particular i'm going to have to give some thoughts to my colour choices, using the previously posted artwork as a guide.

Here you can see where I've grabbed part of the artwork and pixelated it to get a colour chart. Hopefully this will help with my colour choices.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Order placed & Designing a World

Well i've placed my orders for the parts required for my first warband member as mentioned in my last post. Hopefully I should have the parts with me by next week so I can start mocking up my first warbands leader.

Parts include:

Savage Orc Warboss Plastic
Some Forsaken arms & Heads
Chaos Knight Shoulder Pads (Not sure if they will be used)

I also ordered the Forsaken head with the eyestalks for another potential figure.

Also i've been having some thoughts about coming up with a setting for my warband and this led me to the idea of concepting a whole daemonworld.

 I brainstormed some ideas which I think will be really cool and will probably play out as Three warbands. This is a long term plan and i'm not sure everything will ever get finished but so far these are my ideas:

1. Main Focus - A Daemonworld mutant warband featuring debased chaos warriors and renegades. All infantry with some larger mutants and possibly Daemonkin.

2. Secondary Focus - A Dark Mechanicus Warband. Lots of scope for Mecha-thralls and debased servitors with a skimmer type transport (Why a Skimmer? this will become clearer once I've finalised my very rough background!)

3. Least Focus - A Iron Warriors War Party - More based on the old concept of Chaos Renegades led by a champion. This will be the smallest of the warbands and be mostly character focused.

So this is the inital plan, lets see how it survives contact with the enemy!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Something Wicked this way comes!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm looking at creating a bit of an 'Old School' vibe Chaos Warband. I'm not sure yet how many models this will end up being or the exact make up of the warband.

However I am sure that it will be inspired by this piece of classic artwork.

I'm especially drawn the to rusting metals on the warriors/renegades in the bottom left. There's an excellent tutorial for painting rusty metal on the Tale of Painters Blog which I will be attempting to combine with my own painting style. I'm hoping to be able to capture the feel of the artwork without being a slave to copying the images directly.

I'm already getting a list together for the parts i'll need for my first conversion, a Demonworld renegade in the midst of transformation into some new form of monstrosity. I'll be using the plastic Savage orc model as a base along with several parts from the Forsaken kit and hopefully some orky bits aswell.

Herald of Nurgle Coversion

Quick Update with a photo I took last night of my Nurgle Herald Conversion, based on the ever popular Nurgle Lord Plastic Figure.

Its a really simple conversion (Some may say lazy!) just using a spare Plaguebearer head and some Green Stuff.

I'l Update again later with some plans I have for a new 40K Chaos warband!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Plaguebearer Test Miniature

Here's a quick shot of the original test model for my Nurgle demon force.

I really need to sit down and get this unit finished, at the moment I have four other demons painted along with a converted Herald of Nurgle.

Also on the work bench are some unit fillers to bring the unit up to fifteen strong, their just the Nurglings off the Plaguebearers sprue on some large bases along with some gravestones and skulls.

The paint scheme for these demons is really simple, just washes and dry-brushing over a Rakarth Flesh base coat. If I ever get chance i'l post up a tutorial.


I also need a better camera other than my samsung phone.

Beginning of the end

Welcome to what I hope is the first of many posts here at Risus Damnatorum.

Not much to see at the moment but il soon have some wip and completed figures posted!