Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Order placed & Designing a World

Well i've placed my orders for the parts required for my first warband member as mentioned in my last post. Hopefully I should have the parts with me by next week so I can start mocking up my first warbands leader.

Parts include:

Savage Orc Warboss Plastic
Some Forsaken arms & Heads
Chaos Knight Shoulder Pads (Not sure if they will be used)

I also ordered the Forsaken head with the eyestalks for another potential figure.

Also i've been having some thoughts about coming up with a setting for my warband and this led me to the idea of concepting a whole daemonworld.

 I brainstormed some ideas which I think will be really cool and will probably play out as Three warbands. This is a long term plan and i'm not sure everything will ever get finished but so far these are my ideas:

1. Main Focus - A Daemonworld mutant warband featuring debased chaos warriors and renegades. All infantry with some larger mutants and possibly Daemonkin.

2. Secondary Focus - A Dark Mechanicus Warband. Lots of scope for Mecha-thralls and debased servitors with a skimmer type transport (Why a Skimmer? this will become clearer once I've finalised my very rough background!)

3. Least Focus - A Iron Warriors War Party - More based on the old concept of Chaos Renegades led by a champion. This will be the smallest of the warbands and be mostly character focused.

So this is the inital plan, lets see how it survives contact with the enemy!

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