Friday, 19 July 2013

Plaguebearer Test Miniature

Here's a quick shot of the original test model for my Nurgle demon force.

I really need to sit down and get this unit finished, at the moment I have four other demons painted along with a converted Herald of Nurgle.

Also on the work bench are some unit fillers to bring the unit up to fifteen strong, their just the Nurglings off the Plaguebearers sprue on some large bases along with some gravestones and skulls.

The paint scheme for these demons is really simple, just washes and dry-brushing over a Rakarth Flesh base coat. If I ever get chance i'l post up a tutorial.


I also need a better camera other than my samsung phone.


  1. Nice job! And congrats to the new blog - looks promising!

    Always good to see plaugebearers in different colours than green. I'd slap some gory deep red in the open mouth wound on his stomach to provide a bit of contrast.

  2. Cheers fella, I never really thought the bright green was very chaotic. I'l probably add some more details such as gore once the full units finished.