Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Ixor the Keyholdyr - Work in progress

While I wait for my conversion bits to arrive i've put together this happy fella, a member of a warband idea thats been forming in my head. Linked to my Chaos Preacher figure this new warband is The Wardens of the Shattered Aquilla.

Ixor the Keyholdyr

During the fall of imperial rule and crushing inversion of the warp the sanctary known as the Bastilia Imperious was beseiged by scores of refugees seeking shelter from the horrors that had decended. What went on within the walls of the Bastillia are a tale for another time, but it was Ixor who sealed the great aquilla and his ears to the screams of the demons and the damned. Each time those who needed entry rang out on the doors he denied them, seeking comfort In knowing his duties were just.

Ixor still holds his precious position, serving the now corrupted masters of the Bastilla, his skin marked with pox and boils, each a mark of a time he denied entry to the inocent, Itching and painful they constantly require attention from Ixor distracting him from his duties, After all the great god Nurgle enjoys a good joke.

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