Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Chaos Preacher - Alterations and Undercoating.

*Heres the first of hopefully two posts today regarding what i'm currently upto and my new to-do list.

Chaos Preacher:

I made a few changes to my Chaos Preacher conversion last night, mostly because I wasn't happy with the figures right arm and bolt pistol.

I've swapped the bolt pistol arm for one with a plasma pistol from the CSM Upgrade sprue and added a shoulder guard from the Black Templars sprue with the Crux terminatus sysmbol shaved off.

Weirdly each photo makes the pose look odd, Once I get a better setup for photos hopefully all this should change.

Here's a pic after a quick GW CB Undercoat:

(Another really poor shot from my camera phone)

It's been a while since I last used Black Primer so the results should be interesting. Recently my painting has been shades, washes and glazes over a white undercoat as can be seen on my Nurgle Herald a while back.

Looking at the Preacher as a test model of sorts for my colour scheme I've realised that I needed to go back to the shading and shadows that only a black primer can provide. This is especially true for the metal and the rusty armour effect that I want.

I'l see what I can get done tonight painting wise, although I still need to finish green stuffing my Mutant Leader.

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