Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Chaos Preacher - Finished!

Started and finished my Chaos Preacher figure last night, below you will find a very blurry camera photo. Hopefully i'l be able to borrow the works camera to get some better shots over the weekend of some completed models.

I really enjoyed painting this figure and I went about it in a completely different way to how I normally approach a paint job.

(He looks a lot better in the flesh)

I tried to be a bit more loose and free hand in my painting, mixing colours on the go and adding washes and medium to paints to get better flow. I think this is the style which I will continue to pursue.

I really love this rust effect medium from Model Mates, Its stupidly easy to apply and the effect is awesome, I can't wait to try it on some vehicles.

Hopefully once I complete some scene setting scenary and display board i'll be able to get some better photos with a lot more character in them.

I said last post that I would soon update with what my current plans are going forward, this is more a guide for myself really to ensure I stick to some form of structure.

1. Finish green stuffing and paint my Mutant Leader conversion.

2. Paint up my Iron Warriors Champion. (At the moment he's just the CSM Aspiring Champion straight out of the blister, so I may add a few bits of details)

3. Paint up some basic Chaos Cultists (This should help flex my painting muscles and also give me some figures for Scene Setting Photos)

4. Build some scenery (This will be basicly for photographing purposes)

I reckon this will keep me busy for a week so two.

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